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Contents of the Mindful Yoga Training:

The first part of the training emphasizes theory: the fundamentals of mindfulness and compassion in yoga, their therapeutic properties, applications, and how they transform suffering into wisdom or insight. The second part focuses on Practice: how mindfulness and compassion are integrated with asanas, working with postures and movement, and creating custom yoga classes or sequences. Then both theory and practice are blended into a method of practice that extends into our everyday lives.


Weekend #1: Fundamentals of Mindfulness in yoga 

In this weekend, we explore the essential principles of mindfulness and compassion that are used in Mindful yoga. We begin with an overview of mindfulness; its definition, roots in Buddhist yoga, evolution into a modern secular movement, and how it relates to Classical yoga. We will learn basic mindfulness techniques and the principles of a modern approach to mindfulness-based therapies, including compassion practices, which are at the heart of a mindful approach to yoga.

Weekend #2: Therapeutic elements of Mindful yoga

In this weekend, we explore the basic principles of how mindfulness and yoga can have healing and therapeutic effects. We look at the scientific research, the psycho-somatic connection of mind and body, and its clinical applications and therapeutic uses. We investigate the causes and symptoms of physical and psychological distress, and how to treat our bodies in a mindful and compassionate way. Learning how to approach difficulty with kindness rather than avoid it, we can develop greater resilience in our system, and understand the healing effects of connecting with the heart. 


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Weekend #3: Asana practice in Mindful yoga

In this weekend, we will explore asanas, the physical practice of Mindful yoga; the common postures or movements, and the different styles that support a mindful and compassionate approach to yoga. In this practical weekend we will examine various postures, common positions, and movements, and how to practice each one. This will provide us with a toolbox of asanas that can be used to create a Mindful yoga class or sequence.

Weekend #4: Meditation in Motion  

In this weekend, we will explore Mindful yoga as a moving meditation. Blending mindfulness and loving-kindness with movement and postures, we can experience an integrated, heart-centered yoga, with meditation at its core. Mindful yoga is not so much about what we do, as how we do it. During this weekend, we will work with exercises using the body, breath, and attention to make our entire yoga practice a meditation session. We will also discuss flow and the use of vinyasa and examine the guidelines for Mindful yoga practice.

Weekend #5: Mindful yoga Sequence

In this weekend, we will use our understanding of asanas and Mindful yoga principles to create our own Mindful yoga class and sequence. We will look at general class design, and how we might make different styles of yoga classes in a mindful way. From here we can learn to guide others into intelligent series and be able to make a sequence that is best suited for ourselves. We will bring all the different techniques and practices together into making and guiding a Mindful yoga class.

Weekend #6: Teaching Mindful yoga

In this last weekend, we will explore Mindful yoga in a teaching context, and support each other in developing our ability to share these practices. Everyone will have the opportunity to practice teaching, with encouraging feedback. Even if your intention is not to teach in the future, this way of study and presentation gives valuable insight into the practice of Mindful yoga, and your own process of understanding it. We conclude with a topic around learning to listen and trust your inner wisdom, and how to take this practice further into your everyday life.

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