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Meditasjon håndbevegelse



When life is difficult, yoga can give us inner strength.

In cooperation Ukrainian yoga teachers,

we offer YOGA CLASSES by donation to Ukrainians who have protection in Oslo.

Pay 30 kroner for a class, or offer to help us at the yoga studio in order to join us for free.

Visit our yoga studio at Sagene Samfunnshus and Sagene Kunstsmie (take the stairs up from outside Nazar cafe).

Take bus 20, 34, 37 and 54 to Sagene.

To registrate for our classes, please visit this website

We cooperate with Medisinsk Yoga Oslo, a yoga studio down town, which also provide classes for Ukrainians.

Join our Facebook group to know where you can find yoga in Ukrainian and Russian language in Oslo.

Our special classes taught by Ukrainian teachers

We offer special classes for refugees in Ukrainian, taught by Ukrainian yoga teachers from Kiev.
Here, you will be able to do yoga with other Ukrainians.
We invite you to a safe, supportive and peaceful environment where you can share, relax and build inner strength. 

Wear anything comfortable - or get yoga wear from us

When you do yoga, you may wear anything comfortable which allows you to relax and move with full mobility. If you don't have any suitable clothes, we will be able to provide you with something you can wear.
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