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Mindful Yoga Training 100hr with Jonathan Weber

Integrating mindfulness and compassion as transformational and therapeutic elements in yoga practice.

Starting February 8th, 2025


About the program:

This 100hr Mindful Yoga training is a continuing education program on how to integrate mindfulness and compassion in yoga asana. Mindful yoga is a gentle and therapeutic style of yoga practice. In this training, we explore the intersection of Buddhist yoga and Classical yoga with science and psychology to achieve optimal well-being. The emphasis of this training is how to transform difficulty into greater awareness, ease, and balance. With the therapeutic tools of Mindfulness in yoga, we can learn to let go of distress and suffering, develop more positive attitudes, increase our resilience, and make healthy choices in life.

This training is designed as a journey of self-transformation, as well as providing tools for professionals to use in their classes or with clients. The program covers both the theory and practice of mindfulness, self-compassion, and a mindful approach to posture practice. Students are given resources for how to practice gentle yoga postures in a mindful way, and how to create a more meditative yoga session.

The entire 100hr training runs over 6 weekends, approximately one month apart. All participants receive a Mindful Yoga Training manual, along with recorded meditations and practice material. Teaching is in English.

beroligende Bell

This is a 100-hour training over 6 weekends. Between weekends there are home practice assignments to be completed that are part of the training hours. 
Saturdays and Sundays are full days in the studio.
All the days are recorded, and there is the possibility to take the classes remotely or online.


The training is offered both as an online and as an in-studio training. Please sign up for the version you prefer. 

Dates and hours: 

    Weekend #1           February 8 – 9

Weekend #2           March 1 – 2 

    Weekend #3           March 29 – 30 

Weekend #4           April 26 – 27

 Weekend #5           May  24 – 25
  Weekend #6           June 21 –  22


Hours for the weekend trainings
Saturdays: 10:00-17:00
Sundays: 10:00-16:30 

All participants who successfully complete the entire training will be given a Mindful Yoga certificate for 100hrs. Successful completion of the training means: 
•    full attendance
•    the submission of all homework assignments
•    completion of final presentation


It is recommended that you already have some basic experience with yoga or mindfulness practice to attend, though it is not required. Many take this training for their own personal development, without the objective of teaching it. 
If you cannot attend on a day or weekend, then it can be made up for through watching the recordings. However, too much absence will result in a lack of certification.
You should have a good understanding of English, as the teachings and manual are in English. However, questions and dialogue in class can be in Norwegian.


Before registration, email Jonathan and introduce yourself. Tell a little about your background, with any reference to yoga or meditation practice, and your motivation for taking the training. Email:

Early-bird price before November 8th: kr. 15 500
(you will receive the invoice shortly after with payment due after 14 days) 
Ordinary price: kr. 16 500
Deposit: kr. 1500 (to secure registration, not an additional cost to the training price)

Please note terms: Deposit kr. 1500 is non refundable. The rest of the cost of the training will be refunded if you cancel your registration before January 8th.
No refund if you cancel your registration after January 8th.

This program is for:

•    Anyone who wishes to deepen their own practice of mindfulness and yoga with tools for transformation, healing, and self-realization.
•    Those who are interested in a softer or more therapeutic approach to yoga.
•    Yoga teachers who aim to use Mindfulness and Compassion in their classes or teach Mindful yoga.
•    Mindfulness/ MBSR instructors or students who want to bring more understanding of yoga into their teaching or practice.

What is Mindful yoga?

Mindful yoga is a gentle practice which blends mindfulness and yoga. Also called Mindfulness yoga, it integrates the practices of mindfulness meditation together with yoga postures and movement as a holistic mind-body approach to wellness. Mindful yoga is an effective, evidence-based training to rest in the present moment, receive the benefits of a therapeutic approach to yoga practice, and develop a compassionate response to our experiences. It promotes deep relaxation and stress relief, brings clarity and insight into our present condition, and fosters beneficial attitudes such as non-judgement and self-kindness. Mindful yoga is ultimately a path of practice that leads to more inner calm and balance in life. 

Mindful yoga brings together the ancient Buddhist and Classical yoga traditions with modern research in neuroscience, psychology, and physical therapy as a method for achieving greater balance and well-being. It is inspired by such pioneers as Jon Kabat Zinn, who helped popularize modern Mindfulness with the creation of MBSR, or Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. 

You will learn:

•    Mindfulness; its history, benefits, and science
•    Mindfulness and Compassion meditations
•    How to practice and teach Mindful yoga
•    Breathing/pranayama techniques for the nervous system
•    Buddhist psychology for working with suffering 
•    Tools for stress relief and stress management
•    How to meet with difficult emotions
•    Self-compassion for increased happiness


Yin balanse rolig Jonathan ute sommer

About the teacher

Jonathan Weber, E-RYA 500, is a certified teacher of Mindful Hatha yoga and educated in MBSR/MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction/Cognitive Therapy). He has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 30 years and teaching in Norway for 15 years. Jonathan has been a leading teacher in the integration of mindfulness with yoga. He started teaching mindfulness and compassion meditation to yoga students in 2006, introduced Mindful yoga to Oslo in 2015, and established the first Mindful Yoga Education through Oslo Yoga studio in 2018. He has been a co-therapist and program developer with Maja Thune in the first Therapeutic Yoga Teacher training in Norway, using mindfulness and yoga as therapeutic tools in psychiatry. With a background in traditional Buddhist yoga practice, he has studied with many respected Buddhist and yoga teachers, including Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, Lama Surya Das, Allan Wallace, Ani la Tsering Chodron, and Ram Dass. Through a decade of leading international retreats, trainings, workshops and classes, Jonathan has become known for his calm, open-hearted presence, and wisdom.

Questions and inquiries:
If you have any questions about the training, feel free to contact Jonathan:

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