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Nataliia Pavlushenko Natalia.jpg
Nataliia Pavlushenko

Namaste. My name is Natalie.


I am a 500 hours certified yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance. I’ve been working as a yoga instructor around 5 years. I teach hatha, ashtanga yoga and yoga for children and teens.

Currently, I’m getting a master degree in physical therapy. My passion is traveling. 
I have been to many beautiful places where I was able to study other cultures, actively volunteering, learning and teaching YOGA.

After all I came back to Ukraine trying to serve my country. There, me and my friends worked on creating a yoga space for kids, teens and their parents. As I traveled a lot, I know no better place then HOME. But, today, as you may know, my beautiful home is on FIRE. And I already can’t wait for the moment when I'll be back to rebuild it and make a better place. Meanwhile, my temporary home is Norway.
And I would be pleased to see any of you at my classes to share and enrich one another.


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