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Muscle Release Ball som hjelper deg til å f. eks. myke opp psoasmuskelen. Ballen kan brukes både til å myke opp stive muskler og styrke kjernen. 18 cm i diameter.

Muscle Release Ball/ Gertie Ball

kr 180,00Pris
  • Here's a few tips and pointers to help you make the most of your exer-soft ball. Aim to practice 30 reps of each exercise - repeating on the other side where necessary.

    1. Hold the ball between your shins or just above the knees during supine core poses to bring an extra level of engagement for the inner thighs and abdominals. Alternatively place underneath your lower back for extra support during core work.

    2. Practice push-ups (or a half push up with your knees on the floor) with one hand on the floor and the other on the ball to build strength in your shoulders and pectoral muscles.

    3. Squat with the ball between your knees to strengthen the glutes and buttocks.

    4. Not just for Pilates, the exer-soft ball can be used as a yoga block. Squeeze between the thighs to align the knees and engage the core in setu bandasana (bridge pose) or use as a soft support in ardha chandrasana (half moon pose).

    5. Place under the head to induce relaxation and massage sore neck muscles

    Your exer-soft ball is made from anti-slip materials to offer excellent grip.

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