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Victoria Shum Ottesen

Certified Himalayan Yoga teacher with 10 years of daily practice experience and 7  years of teaching experience. Founder of “VikiYoga”. Founder of the emotional intelligence development laboratory “EQLab”. Lecturer at the “School of New Thinking”. Certified teacher of mindfulness practices (MMIT, Odessa, 2019). Cofounder of the first Ukrainian Mindfulness Association:

Worked with such companies and organisations as National Bank of Ukraine, Vodafone, BAT Ukraine, EPAM, Servier, WIX, Smart IT, Aloft Kyiv and many others.


Delivered more than 70 mindfulness workshops, more than 1000 online group and individual classes, including classes for participants from Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Australia, France, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Armenia.


Organized 29 retreats in yoga and mindfulness practices in Ukraine and abroad.


Speaker at the largest HR conferences and radio in Ukraine. Participant of many educational and charitable projects.


Instagram: @eqlab_mindfulness

EQLab FB page:

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