Mindful Yoga Education with Jonathan Weber

Integrating mindfulness and compassion as healing and transformational elements in yoga practice.

About the program:

This is a continuing education program on how to integrate mindfulness and compassion as therapeutic and transformational elements into yoga practice. In this training, we emphasize the wisdom aspect of the yoga and mindfulness traditions, exploring how to transform suffering into greater freedom and self-awareness. The entire 100hr training runs over 6 weekends and is divided into two modules at 50 hours each, which can be taken separately.

This program is beneficial for:

  • anyone who wishes to deepen their own experience of meditation and yoga as tools for transformation, healing, or self-realization

  • yoga teachers who aim to use mindfulness and compassion elements in their classes

  • Mindfulness/ MBSR instructors or students who want to learn more about how to bring yoga into their teaching or practice.

Mindful yoga is founded in the contemplative practices of the Buddhist and yoga traditions and informed by modern research in neuroscience, psychology, and physical therapy. In the most time-proven and scientifically verified methods, Mindful yoga is an effective way to access deep relaxation and meditation states using the breath and body, understand the sources of unhealthy stress in the system, transform psychological suffering through working with the emotions, and re-program negative patterns of thinking or behavior into the freedom of making positive, conscious choices.


Module 1
Ordinary price: kr. 9000

Early-bird price, before November 1: kr. 8000

Module 2
Ordinary price: kr 9000
Early-bird price, before February 1: kr. 8000. 

100 hr training (both Module 1 and 2): kr. 16.500. Please contact post@osloyoga.no after signing up for Module 1 to get a discount code for Module 2.

Early-bird price, before November 1: kr. 15.500. Please contact post@osloyoga.no after signing up for Module 1 to get a discount code for Module 2.

For student or unemployed discount, please contact Jonathan: jonathan.rigpa@gmail.com

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