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Kateryna Kryva

Teaches hatha vinyasa yoga, therapeutic yoga (combination of hatha yoga with physiotherapy) and yoga for kids and teenagers in English, Ukrainian languages.

  • Certified yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance, has been discovering philosophy of yoga in Ashrams and in the Institute of yoga in India; ones became so interested in the art of functioning people’s bodies that as a result have got education (master) in physiotherapy and ergotherapy.

  • Adore working with teens and kids. Combining these 2 passions (yoga+youth work), have started projects for youngsters and kids in Ukraine and in Norway as well. Have got education in childhood Development, Trauma-Sensitive yoga from USA and Teacher training university in Ukraine.

  • Co-founder of Your Cup of Yoga Space for the whole family in Kyiv, Ukraine.

  • Co-creator of “5-min yoga at school” program.

  • Own practice – 10 years, 6 years of teaching.

Teaching philosophy revolves around the belief that yoga is for everybody. Believes in the power of love, repeating “Smile with the whole body, even with your liver!”

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