iRest®Immersion with Nöle Giulini 
Online on Zoom 

DECEMBER 2 - 5, 2021

“These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.” — Rumi

When we resist reality, we suffer. When we accept what is, we have peace. Whenever we want this moment to be different than it is, we experience stress and inner conflict. Our resistance creates a divide within ourselves and disconnects us from the world.

Healing begins when we move beyond our likes and dislikes and let go of our attachment to how we believe things should be. As we release the tension of resistance and reactivity, we free up our attention to focus on life as it is occurring within us. This shift in perspective reveals to us the spaciousness and peace of simply Being. Unconditional joy and spontaneous revelations arise as we awaken to the reality of our true nature.

The Sanctuary of Welcoming invites you to become aware of the places you’re holding and resisting and offers you an experience of the freedom and peace that arise when you choose to surrender and allow.


Bridal & Makeover

How long do you need for a bridal makeover?

I'll usually take 1.5 to 2 hours for a bridal booking. This is to ensure that I have sufficient time to make you look the most beautiful you've ever been. The time also includes helping you to get dressed and groom's basic styling. So sit back and enjoy the process!

How long does the makeup last?

With the help of ampoule and my technique of makeup layering, your makeup can easily last for more than half a day, even under the hot sun.

Why is there a price difference between ROM (solemnisation) & Actual Day makeup?

I use premium brands of foundation for AD. The AD package includes free rental of hair extensions, accessories and complimentary groom's styling. I also put in extra effort when it comes to details in the makeup eg. individual lower eyelashes! :)

How long do you need for a makeover?

45 mins per pax. 3 pax will take 2 hours.

Makeup Workshop

Where do you hold your workshop?

I have a home studio in Tampines Central. My classes are mostly held there. If you prefer me to hold the session at your preferred location, you will only have to cover for the transportation fee.

What is the maximum size of your workshop?

The maximum number of pax is 6 for a 2 hour session. This is to ensure I can give enough attention to the participants as this is a fully hands-on workshop. Should you have a bigger group, kindly contact me to customise the class.

Can you customize the workshop?

Yes I can and I do! Let me know what you want to learn/how you want to learn, and we can take it from there.

How often do you conduct your workshops?

I conduct 2 classes every month. If the timing is not suitable or you prefer to form your class/1-1, you can contact me to arrange for a personalised one.


Why is there a transportation fee? Why can't you take a bus/mrt?

Please understand that travelling around with a big kit of makeup and styling tools is very challenging. If it's a house visit, I do not take extra and will provide the cab receipt upon arrival. You will just have to cover to and fro from your house to my studio. (Based on arrival receipt X 2).

Do you have a team of makeup artists?

We do! When your request is accepted, they will be assigned accordingly to the team, based on makeup styles and availability. All bridal and ROM packages will be handled by Mandy, unless otherwise advised. In the event of a large group engagement or any circumstances which require more than one makeup artist, there will be additional transportation/early morning fee (if applicable).

Where is your studio located?

I have a home studio, located at Tampines Central.