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YogaSOMATICS with Ateeka


Tuesday May 24 at 12:00 - 15:00 pm

A workshop just for women...attuning to and celebrating the ultra-feminine aspect of ourselves that we call “yoni”. Yoni is a sanskrit word that translates to “sacred place” of a woman’s vagina. Yoni is the REGENERATIVE POWER of the FEMININE.

In this safe and discreet workshop, we will work with gentle movement, breathwork, creative expression and relaxation to very gently speak with and listen to what our yoni has to share with us. What she wants, what she needs, how she feels.

Ateeka also will introduce you to a beautiful and relaxing ritual...the YONI is like a sauna for all your sacred parts under your skirt.   

Wrapped up in blankets from the waist down, we will practice a YONI STEAM circle...where we can all steam at the same time. It is a really beautiful practice to do together as a group of women. You will be asked to bring some supplies for your steam experience (a casserole pot, a big wool blanket, a towel and a large thermos of hot water)   Ateeka will provide the herbs for the steam.

The yoni steam is not suitable for who is pregnant or on the first days of your menstruation...but you are still so very welcome to participate and Ateeka will offer you a different way to be a part of this circle.

This workshop is open and accessible for all women. All practices are clothed and discreet and always YOUR CHOICE how to move, breathe and be. If you have any questions about whether this workshop is right for you, please reach out to Ateeka directly at

Price: 550 kr. includes steaming herbs & supplies

Vilkår for avmelding:

Avmelding fra våre workshops er mulig innen 14 dager etter påmelding, men senest tre dager før kursstart. Du vil da få beløpet refundert til din kundeprofil hos oss i MindBodyOnline uten å bli trukket. Alternativt kan du få pengene tilbake til ditt betalingskort minus kr. 200,- i avmeldingsgebyr.

Ved avmelding, send e-post til

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