Mindful Yoga Education 2018-2019

Integrating mindfulness and compassion as healing and transformational elements in yoga practice.

This is a continuing education program on how to integrate mindfulness and compassion as healing elements in yoga practice. We will emphasize the wisdom aspect of the yoga and mindfulness traditions, exploring how to transform suffering into greater freedom and self-awareness.

This program is beneficial for
* anyone who wishes to deepen their own experience of yoga and meditation as tools for self-discovery
* yoga teachers who aim to use mindfulness and compassion meditation techniques in their classes
* Mindfulness/ MBSR instructors who want to learn more about integrating yoga into their teaching

The powerful combination of Buddhist yoga, Taoist yoga, and Hatha yoga comes alive in this contemporary program backed by scientific research, guiding you on your own path towards greater happiness and wellness in body and mind.


You will learn:

  • How to embody a present-moment, heart-centered yoga practice for optimal wellness.
  • How to practice and teach mindfulness and compassion meditation
  • The fundamentals of mindfulness
  • The basics of Buddhist psychology in relation to yoga asana
  • How to design Mindful yoga class sequences
  • The healing applications of mindfulness, compassion, and asana.
  • Transforming difficulty into wisdom

Dates for module 1:
Weekend #1: Nov. 2-4
Weekend #2: Nov. 30- Dec. 1
Weekend #3: Feb. 8-9, 2019

Module 1 -  9500 kr


Dates for module 2/ retreat at Nøsen Yoga in Valdres:
March 19-25 2019.

Price and information more information will be published in August 2018.


Send a personal email to Jonathan introducing yourself: jonathan.rigpa@gmail.com