Mindful Yoga Education 2018-2019

Integrating mindfulness and compassion as healing and transformational elements in yoga practice.

This is a continuing education program on how to integrate mindfulness and compassion as healing elements in yoga practice. We will emphasize the wisdom aspect of the yoga and mindfulness traditions, exploring how to transform suffering into greater freedom and self-awareness.

This program is beneficial for
* anyone who wishes to deepen their own experience of yoga and meditation as tools for self-discovery
* yoga teachers who aim to use mindfulness and compassion meditation techniques in their classes
* Mindfulness/ MBSR instructors who want to learn more about integrating yoga into their teaching

The powerful combination of Buddhist yoga, Taoist yoga, and Hatha yoga comes alive in this contemporary program backed by scientific research, guiding you on your own path towards greater happiness and wellness in body and mind.


You will learn:

  • How to embody a present-moment, heart-centered yoga practice for optimal wellness.
  • How to practice and teach mindfulness and compassion meditation
  • The fundamentals of mindfulness
  • The basics of Buddhist psychology in relation to yoga asana
  • How to design Mindful yoga class sequences
  • The healing applications of mindfulness, compassion, and asana.
  • Transforming difficulty into wisdom
The Format of the Training
The Format of the Training:

This is a 100 hour training divided into two modules at 50 hours each. Both modules can be taken individually, or together as a comprehensive training, though they are designed to function best in progression.

Module 1 is a non-residential training in Oslo, occurring over 3 weekends, and Module 2 is a 1-week residential retreat in the mountains outside Oslo.

In the first module of training we will explore the fundamentals of mindfulness and compassion practices, and how they are integrated into yoga asana and movement. The emphasis will be on theory and learning, together with daily practice. In the second module of training we will deepen our own practice in a retreat environment and learn to teach Mindful yoga to others. There will be a review of the elements learned in Module 1 with an emphasis on how to apply our understanding into methods of teaching.

Certification: All participants who successfully complete one 50-hour module will be given a course certificate.; Successful completion for the 50 hr training means full attendance to classes and the submission of a final thesis. Yoga teachers who already have 200 hr training or more, and who successfully complete both modules will be given a Mindful Yoga teacher diploma. Successful completion of the 100 hr training means full attendance to classes and the passing of a final exam.

Requirements: In order to receive a diploma as a Mindful yoga teacher, you will need to have already completed a basic 200 hr teacher training. It is recommended that you already have some basic knowledge and experience of yoga and/or mindfulness practice.

More info: MODULE 1
More info: MODULE 1
Module 1

50 hr training - 3 weekends, non-residential training +3,5 hours home work.

In the first module of training we will explore the fundamentals of mindfulness practice, and how it is integrated into yoga asana and movement. This will cover the major elements involved in Mindful yoga. There will be some practice every day with an emphasis on theory and learning.

Schedule During Our Weekends:

Friday 18:30-21:00

Saturday 09:00-17:00

Sunday 10:00-17:00

Overview:  Weekend #1:Fundamentals of Mindful yoga

  • Mindfulness; definition and history
  • General principles of mindfulness in yoga practice
  • The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
  • The Attitudes of Mindfulness Loving-kindness and Compassion

  Weekend #2: Therapeutic Applications of Mindful yoga

  • Mindfulness of Body and Feelings Calming the nervous system, using the breath
  • Introduce RAIN method; Recognize and Acceptance Mindfulness and yoga in healing
  • Meeting with difficulty and pain

  Weekend #3: Mindful yoga for transformation

  • Transforming suffering into wisdom
  • Mindfulness of Thoughts and Dharma
  • RAIN method; Inquiry and Non-attachment
  • Mindful observation and the witness
  • Original Goodness; finding your source
  • Daily living with mindfulness and compassion

Weekend #1: Nov. 2-4
Weekend #2: Nov. 30- Dec. 1
Weekend #3: Feb. 8-9, 2019

Module 1 -  9500 kr


Send a personal email to Jonathan introducing yourself: jonathan.rigpa@gmail.com

Teacher: Jonathan Weber
Teacher: Jonathan Weber
Jonathan Weber is Oslo Yoga’s main meditation and mindfulness teacher. He contributes to Maja Thune’s Yoga Therepy Teacher Training with mindfulness as a tool to stress relief. Jonathan is a certified teacher of Therapeutic Mindful yoga and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. With over 25 years of experience in meditation and yoga he brings a deep level of wisdom to his teaching. He combines his broad knowledge of Eastern traditions with modern research to present effective techniques for realizing greater well-being, holistic health, and self-awareness. He has been practicing Tibetan Buddhist yoga and Jnana/Raja yoga since 1987. He is also trained in Kripalu yoga, Edgu spinal maintenance, and Reiki healing. Jonathan is a profesional fine artist and illustrator, having produced yoga drawings for Elixia’s training manuals and John Friend, founder of Anusara yoga. Originally from the United States, he has relocated to Norway. To read more about Jonathan, visit: Jonathanweber.org