Here you can find useful information about Oslo Yoga in English.

On our schedule, courses taught in English are marked with (E)

Our intention is to be a yoga center where you can find your yoga. Whether you are young or old, healthy or sick, big or small, energetic or calm, man or woman, we hope you can find your way with us. Our course offerings are wide. With over 40 weekly courses on the schedule, there is something for everyone, both quiet and dynamic courses, simple and more advanced. Our teachers and receptionists will guide you to find a course type that will suit you. During the lessons we can arrange for different needs.

Yoga is not about being soft or about performing difficult positions. Yoga is primarily about being present in what you do. You move to the breathing rhythm of the dynamic hours, and use your breath to open up the body and let go of tensions in the calm-giving positions. In yoga, we bring attention, breath and body together to calm the mind, regain energy and get in touch with deeper layers of ourselves.